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artapoushesh Arman Tos company

artapoushesh Arman Tos company under registration number 72249 with the aim of meeting the needs of customers; Along with innovation and using new technologies, it has started to operate as a special stock and has been able to: with continuous and dynamic activities among the top consulting companies; supply of materials and implementation of isolation and sealing in the construction area; agriculture; Industry, mining and landfills should operate.
This company has been able to use experienced and expert personnel; Using modern technologies; in the field of their activities; Provide extensive services worthy of valuable customers.
artapoushesh Arman Tos company; In order to respond as best as possible to the needs of our dear compatriots; In addition to the central office of Mashhad; It has numerous agencies throughout the country and plans to: As one of the largest companies in the private sector in the related field and as a flagship and by becoming a reliable collection; Distinctive and customer-oriented; By gaining the credit and satisfaction of more customers; take a big step in the direction of the progress of Iran’s lofty goals.
There is hope with the help of God’s grace; We can take a small but effective step in this field.

CEO's speech

Artapoushesh Arman Tos company was registered in 2018 with the aim of serving the community of engineers in the construction industry and creating innovation and expansion in consulting, design and implementation in the field of geosynthetic products by engineer Mohsen Herati. During the past years, dozens of successful geosynthetic projects in the industry He has completed construction and hundreds of projects in the agricultural industry thanks to God. It is hoped that we will walk alongside you, dear customers, in the direction of creating long-lasting projects of our beloved country, Iran.

About us
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